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May 2, 2017 - Check out our Fixtures & Results section for the complete schedule of all four Cosmos teams.  Cosmos Lancers will kick off our season with their first match on Saturday, May 20th at Elwick ground. Cosmos KingZ and Cosmos Spartans will also kick-start their season on the same weekend on Victoria Day, Monday May 22, at Assiniboine Park.  The Cosmos Premier team will wait a few weeks until June 4 to start off against Sher-E-Maples. All matches scheduled to start at 11:00am.
April 16, 2017 We are pleased to announce our on-field leadership team for our 40th Season: Cosmos - Premier Divsion - Monty Sharma and Trevor Manoosingh Cosmos KingZ - Division 1 - Nikhil Manikonda and Anang Jani Cosmos Lancers - Division 2 - Nilay Shah and Vandit Shah Cosmos Lancers - Division 2 - Sid Roberts and Ravi Ramoutar
Come join us in celebrating Cricket in Canada on Canada Day, July 1st, 2016 at Assiniboine Park, South Ground with a 40-over game and Potluck lunch. 10 Facts About the History of Cricket In Canada 1759 - First recorded cricket match in Canada 1844 - First international sporting fixture in the world (all sports) - Canada vs USA 1859 - First cricket tour in history - England tour of Canada 1864 - The North West Cricket Club was formed in Winnipeg 1867 - Cricket declared national sport of Canada by Sir John A MacDonald 1872 - W. G. Grace toured Canada, third English tour 1878 - First Austrailian team to tour Canada 1880 - First Team to leave Canada to tour England 1892 - Canadian Cricket Association (Now Cricket Canada) was formed 1895 - Manitoba Cricket Association was formed Another Fact - 1978 - Cosmos Cricket Club was formed Teams Sir John A MacDonald XI (Canada's First Prime Minister) vs Justin Trudeau XI (Canada's Current Prime Minister) Sir John A MacDonald XI Sri Vijayan - Captain Shalin - Vice Captain Ricky Persaud Gurwinder Sidhu Vaibhav Patel Kevin Patel Anang Jani Shlok Patel Nick Jones Ravinder Khakh Navjot Sidhu Justin Trudeau XI Vasu Shah - Captain Vandit Shah - Vice Captain Maryo John Waleed Ahmed Rigin Zacharias Ramya Patel Nimesh Gunasekera Siddh Sheth Jaskarn Chhina Alpesh Senghani Punit
June 16, 2016 The 2016 season is in full swing.  Our Premier team is continuing from where we left off last year and still undefeated after 4 matches.  With 3 wins to date our division 1 team , Cosmos KingZ, is also undefeated.  Our division 2 team, Cosmos Lancers, is working hard to record that first win which has eluded us in 2 games. They are in action playing 2 matches this weekend and has been working hard to even up the win-loss count. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates.
Our 38th Cricket Season has begun. Our 38th Cricket Season officially started on January 16th with our AGM. Here are the results of the 2106 Elections: President - Ray Ramrattan Vice President - Nilay Shah Secretary - Maryo John Treasurer - Sahil Shah Social Chair - Neha Khicha Selection Chair - Keith James Cricket Management Committee: Maninder Toor, Trevor Manoosingh, Monty Sharma and 4th person to TBD. Indoor 6-A-Side started on January 16th All matches are played at Lady of Victory School, 249 Arnold Ave, Winnipeg. Cosmos Team: Trevor Manoosingh (Capt), Monty Sharma, Maninder Toor, Rishabh Jain, Sunny Matharu and Srivats Vijayan Saturday, Jan 16, 1:00pm – Cosmos vs Crescent 1 – LOSS Satuday, Jan 24,  2:00pm – Cosmos vs Lions – WIN Saturday, Jan 30, 3:00pm – Cosmos vs Winnipeg Blues Saturday, Feb 13, 3:00pm – Cosmos vs WJCC Saturday, Feb 27, 1:00pm  – Cosmos vs Dakota Stars Sunday, Feb 28, 12:00pm – Cosmos vs Crescent Saturday, March 5, 11:00am – Cosmos vs Cosmos 1 Cosmos 1 Team: Ravinder Khakh (Capt), Inderpreet Arora, Matt Dalloo, Nikhil Manikonda, Ricky Persaud, Shalin Patel and Shlok Patel. Saturday, Jan 23, 3:00pm – Cosmos 1 vs WJCC – LOSS Saturday, Feb 6, 3:00pm – Cosmos 1 vs Winnipeg Blues Saturday, Feb 13, 1:00pm  – Cosmos 1 vs Crescent 1 Saturday, Feb 20, 3:00pm – Cosmos 1 vs Lions Saturday, March 5, 11:00am  – Cosmos 1 vs Cosmos Sunday, March 13, 12:00pm – Cosmos 1 vs Crescent Sunday, March 20, 2:00pm – Cosmos 1 vs Dakota Stars Indoor Training kicked off on January 23rd: Every Saturday Time: 7:00 - 10:00pm Venue: Home Run Sports, 905 King Edward St.
2015 Awards Banquet - November 28, 2015 at the Winnipeg Winter Club.  We celebrated our achievements and love for the game.  More pictures at our Facebook Page. Presentation of Awards 2015 Emerging Player of the Year Shlok Patel Special Recognition – Cosmos Minneapolis Team Best Bowler – Sri Vijayan Best Fielder – Ricky Persaud Player of the Tournament – Monty Sharma Cosmos Lancers Merit of Performance Interpreet Arora – 5 for 28 vs Wpg Warriors Shlok Patel – 5 for 12 vs Brandon CC Cosmos Lancers Awards Best Batsman – Shalin Patel Best Bowler – Inderpreet Arora and Ricky Persaud Most Valuable Player – Ricky Persaud Cosmos KingZ Merit of Performance Rawle Manoosingh 6 for 15 vs Crescent Hawks Pratik Patel 110 runs vs MCA U19 Cosmos KingZ Awards Best Batsman – Pratik Patel Best Bowler – Rawle Manoosingh Most Valuable Player – Pratik Patel Cosmos Merit of Performance Vasu Shah, 104 runs vs Manitoba Eagles Rishabh Jain 5 for 34 vs AICC Monty Sharman 6 for 22 vs WJCC Sunny Matharu  - JRRT Batting Cosmos – Premier Division Best Batsman – Raza Ali Best Bowler – Rishabh Jain Most Valuable Player – Raza Ali 2015 Premier Championship Players Pardeep Khakh Ritesh Patel Nikhil Manikonda Ricky Persaud Shalin Patel Maryo John Sandeep Konoth Sudarshan Ruddarraju Sumit Thapar Raza Ali Sunny Matharu Moazz Qazi Vasu Shah Rishabh Jain Maninder Toor Srivats Vijayan Sid Roberts Trevor Manoosingh Monty Sharma Special Awards Siloam Mission Volunteer Award – Nimesh Gunasekera and Ricky Persaud Spirit of Cosmos – Maryo John Lifetime Achievement – Ossie Belle
DAMIAN LEWIS MILLS July 15, 1979 - November 17, 2003 In the peace of the early morning, Before the world awakes, I embrace the sacred solitude And the haven that it makes. And all that is good and holy Surrounds me with its love, Assuring me, with tenderness, Of the blessings from above. I close my eyes; the world departs As I go in search of you, Where you mingle with the angels As souls are formed anew. And truth and pure contentment Pervade this holy place. No fear, no death, no mystery, In this crucible of grace. We continue to miss you dearly and that draws us even closer together. Loving you always Mum, Dad, Cressida, Elly and family. As published in the Winnipeg Free Press on November 17, 2015
Cosmos has retained the Manitoba Premier Championship - 3 consecutive years..and our 15th Championship in 38 seasons. The Premier Division MVP Table tells the story of how it happened in 2015.  The MVP table considers performance in all aspects of the game, fielding, bowling and batting.  Also, in the form of bonus points it consider results, meaning it factors in the WIN.  Afterall, it is performance that causes the WIN. There were 108 Players who participated in the 2015 Premier Division.  Of the 19 players that represented Cosmos, only 10 played more than 5 matches.  All 10 of them are in the top 20% of the MVP Table, a true reflection of contribution from everyone, from the TEAM.  Narrowing the table even more and you will find 5 Cosmos players in the top 6, this is reflected in the undefeated season. Where do we go next?  JRRT will be hosted in Winnipeg in 2016, Cosmos will get an opportunity to go for the win in front of a home crowd. Trevor Manoosingh put it very nicely in his facebook post "This team, this family, is the definition of excellence and it is to be expected that with all the hard work and dedication that we have put in for the last 3 years, this trend, will continue!"  THE HARD WORK WILL CONTINUE.
September 27, 2015 - Our young HERO rose to the challenge and delivered. This past weekend was the International Cup in Winnipeg with 4 teams participating: Canada, India, Pakistan and Asia Combined. Canada won the Cup and our very own Ricky Persaud was Man of the Series. Two of the matches that Canada won came down to the very last delivery. On Saturday, Canada vs Pakistan, Canada needed 6 runs to win from the last ball, Ricky on strike and he belted the last ball to cow corner, flat and against the wind, 6 runs and match won. Today, Canada vs Asia Combined, Canada needed 7 runs from the last 2 balls, Ricky on strike again, surely too much pressure for this young man, NO WAY. Penultimate ball and Ricky catapulted it, again to cow corner, this time hard and high, with a long hang time, 6 runs, match tied. Last ball and a confident drive towards mid-wicket. Match and tournament WON! Congratulations Canada and Congratulations Ricky. Very proud!
What a weekend! The club was able to achieve excellent results. Playing consecutive days is a big task for weekend cricketers. It says a lot about our fitness and ability to play and achieve good results in 48 hours. Congratulations to all! Of course it was awesome to see so many Cosmos supporters in the park. It is a real family affair, and a big thank-you to all that brought the food, drinks and positive energy. Incredible result for Kingz on Saturday – wtg Kingz and the great bowling line of Rawle Manoosingh! Cosmos Premier has now completed a 3 year victory line. 3 years in a row they have won the Manitoba Senior League!...and again an appearance in the John Ross Robertson Western Tournament in 2016! Again an incredible achievement – !!! It was a great weekend for Cosmos both on and off the field.  We played 5 matches and finished with impressive results: 4 wins (3 with the bonus point) and 1 loss.  Sunday was ‘Cosmos Day’ and it was ‘Black and Yellow’ across all 3 fields as this was the first time that all 3 teams played on the same day in the same colours.  The Premier Team secured the Premier Division Championship with still 2 games to go. We had fantastic food throughout the day with most of supplied by our members and supporters.  We had music provided by the ‘Riddim Queen’ Cheryl Deonaraine and the day was ended with Music, Dancing and Camaraderie.  Cosmos Spirit was in abundance. THANK YOU ALL WHO HELP MADE THIS DAY POSSIBLE. Results Saturday, August 8 – Manitoba Eagles vs Cosmos – Win by 108 runs + bonus Saturday, August 8 – Cosmos KingZ vs Crescent Hawks – Win by 49 runs + bonus Sunday, August 9 – Lions 1 vs Cosmos – Assiniboine Center – Win by 6 wickets Sunday, August 9 – Cosmos Lancers vs Dakota Stars – Win by 10 wickets + Bonus Sunday, August 9 – Bengal Tigers vs Cosmos KingZ – Lost by 104 runs Match Summaries Saturday, August 8 – Manitoba Eagles vs Cosmos Cosmos wins by 108 runs + Bonus. Cosmos 242/9 in 50 overs.  Sunny Matharu 64, Monty Sharma 42, Sid Roberts 32.  Kashif Hayat 6/33. Manitoba Eagles 134 all out 36.4 overs.  F. Bughti 37, A. Amin 35. Rishabh Jain 3/11, Sri Vijayan 3/20, Moaaz Qazi 2/6. Man of the Match – Sunny Matharu Saturday, August 8 - Cosmos KingZ vs Crescent Hawks Cosmos KingZ wins by 49 runs + Bonus. Cosmos KingZ 122 all out 31.1 overs. Milan Mandani 35, John Ziesmann 18. K. Shehzada 3/17. Crescent Hawks 73 all out 31.5 overs.  S. Khuram 15.  Rawle Manoosingh 6/15. Man of the Match – Rawle Manoosingh Sunday, August 9 – Cosmos Lancers vs Dakota Stars Cosmos Lancers won by 10 wickets + Bonus Dakota Stars 82 all out in 25.3 overs. S. Kumar 26. Dhruvine Patel 3/7, Maryo John 2/8. Cosmos Lancers 85/0 in 14.5 overs.  Ravi Ramoutar 48*, Shalin Patel 34*. Man of the Match – Dhruvine Patel Sunday, August 9 – Lions 1 vs Cosmos – Assiniboine Center Cosmos wins by 6 wickets Lions 193 all out in 43.3 overs. A. Khan 80, N. Dhawan 29.  Rishabh Jain 2/21, Moaaz Qazi 2/21, Raza Ali 2/26. Cosmos 195/4 in 43 overs.  Sunnay Matharu 51*, Monty Sharma 30, Maninder Toor 24*.  Inderjit Saini 1/15. Man of the Match – Sunny Matharu. Sunday, August 9 – Bengal Tigers vs Cosmos KingZ Bengal Tigers won by 104 runs + Bonus Bengal Tigers 223/8 in 45 overs. A. Haque 45, A. Noor 40. Rawle Manoosingh 2/25. Cosmos KingZ 112 all out in 29.4 overs. Brydon Retter 34, Pratik Patel 24. A. Noor 2/16, A. Bater 2/23.
Winnipeg Welcomes National Under 16 Cricket Players for Championship WINNIPEG, Manitoba, July 28, 2015 – Manitoba Cricket Association and Cricket Canada are excited to play host to the Cricket Canada National Under 16 Championship to be held in Winnipeg, August 3 - 8, 2015 at Assiniboine Park. The round robin tournament will include two teams from Ontario, one team each from Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, and a combined team with players from Manitoba and Quebec. “Interest in cricket has grown dramatically as more local youth are exposed to the game in the community and the number of high school cricket teams competing locally increases,” said Ron Dipchand, Executive Director, Manitoba Cricket Association and a coordinator of the tournament. Canada’s up and coming cricket players will have the opportunity to display their skills in front of national selectors who will be in attendance to evaluate talent as they scout for future World Cup Team Canada members. Players will be assessed and placed in a pool as part of a three-year process for Canada’s selection to compete in the International Cricket Council (ICC) Under-19 World Cup 2018 team to be held in New Zealand January 12 through February 4, 2018. “This tournament is a wonderful stepping stone for players who aspire to play at an international level” said Garvin Budhoo, event organizer and Chairman, Cricket Canada Under 19 Selection Panel Canada’s current Under-19 team has just qualified to be one of 16 teams taking part in the 2016 ICC Under-19 World Cup to be held in Bangladesh from January 22 through February 14. About Manitoba Cricket Association (MCA) Incorporated in 1972, the Manitoba Cricket Association has a mandate to enable, enhance and encourage cricket in Manitoba, and is the sole authority governing the sport of cricket in the province. The Association works to develop athletes, coaches and officials to represent Manitoba at regional, national and international competitions and represents the province on Canada’s national governing body. The MCA works cooperatively with, and seeks support from like-minded organizations. For more information about the MCA, go to the website at About Cricket Canada Cricket Canada is the governing body of cricket in Canada. Established in 1892, Cricket Canada administers the national men and women's teams as well as several youth teams at various age levels. In addition, Cricket Canada and its affiliates run development programs and leagues across the country. Cricket Canada is also Canada's representative at the International Cricket Council and has been an associate member of that body since 1968. For more information, contact: Keith James Media Liaison – Manitoba Cricket Association 204-296-0086 Ron Dipchand Co-ordinator – U-16 National Tournament Executive Director – Manitoba Cricket Association Garvin Budhoo Chairman – U-19 Cricket Canada Selection Panel – Cricket Canada
Weekend Update - July 25 -26 Cosmos defeats Lions by 186 runs. Saturday, July 25 - Batting, Bowling, Fielding - all three aspects of the cricket was on excellent display this past weekend as Cosmos took on Lions for the first time this season. Monty won the toss and elected to bat with a change in the opening pair. Vasu and Monty opened and stood for an impressive stand of 138 runs from 33 overs until Monty got out caught behind on 58 (117 balls). Both batted with confidence, purpose and determination. Raza joined Vasu at the crease in the 34th over and continued to build, taking the score to 195 runs in the 43rd over when Vasu was out LBW on 90 runs (116 balls), bringing Sunny to the wicket. Sunny tried to capitalize on the momentum but was dismissed caught deep on the long off boundary with the score on 196 in the 44th over. This brought Trevor to the crease and together he and Raza put on 81 runs from 38 balls. This included three consecutive 6s by Raza off Arib Khan's last over. Trevor contributed a fast 26 (15 balls). Raza was caught out at deep long off on the last ball of the inning finishing with 85 from 58 balls and Cosmos at 277/4. With the batting assignment completed it was time for the bowling and fielding aspects to come into play. The bowling started off with bang as Monty claimed the first wicket from the 4th ball of the chase as Roy Singh edged one into the safe hands of Sid in slips. Monty struck again in the 5th over of the match dismissing Justin Hill as he edged one to Vasu behind the stumps. Lions two highest partnerships were 21 (4th wicket) and 23 (10th wicket) as they fell well short of the chase ending with 91 all out in 23.2 overs. The bowlers shared the wickets: Monty 3/36, Rishabh 3/26, Srivats 1/13 and Raza 3/12. Ground fielding was also on good display as with our catching, Vasu with 2 behind the stumps, Maninder 2, Sid 1, Trevor 1 and Shalin on his premier debut easily took the one that went to him. Raza with an all-round excellent performance was our Man on the Match. Cosmos Lancers were defeated by Winnipeg Warriors by 5 wickets. Sunday, July 26 - Nilay won the toss and elected to bat. Shalin and Nimesh took to the crease, but had to wait a 12 minutes before there was 2 umpires on the field...a frustrating start. Shalin stood at the crease for most of the inning but there was no solid partnership as we struggled to bat 4t5 overs. We managed to get through 41 overs and finished with 146. Shalin finished with 67 (98 balls), David 16 (24) and Inderpreet were the only ones to reach double digits. Sajan batted at #11, faced 11 balls and scored 11 runs. Winnipeg Warriors batted well, few catches were spilled, some neglected and in the end they surpassed the required total in the 41st over losing only 5 wickets. David bowled an amazing 9 overs on the trot finished with 3/33.
Three games this past weekend and all three teams played good cricket doing Cosmos proud. Saturday, July 11 - Cosmos KingZ defeat Bloomfield by 3 wickets. Our Cosmos KingZ fought hard and earned their win of the season defeating Bloomfield by 3 wickets.  Bowling and fielding by the Cosmos KingZ was very disciplined restricting Bloomfield to only 115 runs.  Rawle led the way with 4/26, Pratik with 3/24, Milan with 2/16 and Manoj 1/11.  Milan and Manoj economical rates were nothing short of fantastic; Milan only gave away 16 runs from 9 overs and Manoj 11 runs from 5.3.  Kavish found form with the bat and put on 40 runs including a partnership of 46 with Anang.  Sagar and Milan brought the match home.  Rawle was our Man of the Match. Sunday, July 12 - Cosmos Lancers lost to Brandon by 49 runs. Cosmos Lancers had Brandon against the ropes at 34 for 5 at 9 overs, but somehow Brandon regrouped and finished with a surprising total of 190 runs. Our wicket takers were Dhruvine 3/25, Ricky 3/27 and Interpreet 2/35.  Cosmos Lancers took on the charge and were on their way with the run rate, batting a full 45 overs was needed, but they only managed to survive for 35 overs and finished with 141.  Only one decent partnership of 48 runs between Ricky and Sandeep, other than that wickets were too frequent.  Shalin (35) and Ricky (41) and Dhruvine (11) were the only double figures.  Ricky was our Man of the Match. Sunday, July 12 - Cosmos defeats AICC by 75 runs.  For the first time this season all players of Cosmos got a chance at the crease.  First 3 wickets fell for 57 runs, then a solid rebuild partnership of 60 by Sunny and Maninder taking the score to 117.  Then 5 wickets fell for a mere 32 runs and we were at 149/9.  A heroic solid 10th wicket  42 runs partnership by Ritesh and Rishabh took us to a respectable 191 all out in 45 overs. By the time Cosmos took the field it was 40 degrees and high humidity.  Disciplined line and length, aggressive fielding and superb catching took the match away from AICC early.    The score was 0 runs for 1 wicket after the first over, 7/3 after the 8th over and continued this way for 36 overs, when the last wicket fell with AICC on 116 runs.  The bowling line was clinical, with only 2 wides in 36 overs.  Moaaz and Rishabh took 3 wickets each.  Monty's figures were simply amazing: 8 overs, 6 maidens and 2/18, 13 of the runs came from the last over.  Raza was equally amazing with 10 overs on a very hot day, he had 4 maidens and finished 1/21.  Sri only bowled 2 balls, that was all needed to finish the match.  Maninder's high catching (2 of them), Sid's slip catching (3 of them), Vasu's keeping and everyone's high energy in the field under tough condition made this an easy win for Cosmos.  Rishabh for his 23runs not out and 3/27 was our Man of the Match.
Cosmos represented Manitoba well in the Western Canada John Ross Robertson Tournament in Calgary, July 4th and 5th. Our team was disciplined and determined and played high quality cricket. Cosmos MVP of the tournament is Jatinder Matharu scoring a total of 163 runs, not including the 22 runs scored in the abandoned match. Regardless of the final result, Cosmos is proud to have represented Manitoba in the tournament. Congratulations to United Cricket Club from Calgary on winning the tournament. Final Standing United CC - AB Meralomas - BC Cosmos - MB Starwars - SK Saturday, July 4 Cosmos vs United (Alberta) - Westwinds CC. Match Abandoned - No result. Cosmos 148/10 in 47.3 overs. Maninder 22, Sunny 22. United 68/2 in 15.5 overs. Meralomas (BC) vs Starwars (Sask) Meralomas defeats Starwars and qualifies for the final. Sunday, July 5 Cosmos vs United - Rematch, T20 - Westwinds CC. United win by 4 wickets. Cosmos 157/6 in 20 overs. Sunny 83*, Vasu 30, Sid 19 United 160/6 in 19.1 overs. I Sidhu 78, F Qureshi 42*. Trevor 2/25, Rishabh 2/27 United qualifies for the final. Cosmos vs Starwars - T20 - Inland Park CC. Cosmos wins by 48 runs. Cosmos 211/2 in 20 overs. Sunny 80*, Monty 71* Starwars 163/10 in 20 overs. Scorecard details missing. United vs Meralomas - Final United won by 30 runs.
June 24, 2015 - Cosmos retains the bat and bragging rights. At the appointed hour, the combatants met to decide the much vaunted – 2015 Outdoor version of the Bragging Bat Cricket Match. The weather was sketchy to begin, but turned into the most beautiful mid-summer’s night. Sunny and bright… Captain Hein won the toss, and elected to bat…opening with Sid. The tight Cosmos bowling was evident, with Rishabh and Maninder, then Sunny and Moaaz, keeping the score low, and wickets dropping. Hein holed out to square leg…Sid was given out to a ball that hit him somewhere between his upper thigh and his belly button…but Karl J thought that he had seen enough of Sid, so off he went. This dismissal is likely to be talked about for the rest of the season. The score stalled at about 60, but Andrew was able to help a bit, and we went on to a score of 99 for 5. In response, the Cosmos team sent in their bowlers first. This caused some interesting debate on the field, but really caused an interesting game to develop. Wickets were falling regularly, but with David having the most success…Hein took a great line drive catch off of David’s bowling…Sunny was hitting the ball very hard, and (lefty) he hit a screamer to Hein at cover…the Doc with great agility – stopped the line drive, it bounced up, and he took the rebound safely. Prescriptions may be written with either hand…then the play of the day by David, as a very hard straight drive by Vasu, was deflected slightly off David’s hand, and onto the stumps at the non striker end…Sri was out of his crease, and an unexpected but welcome wicket dropped. Shalin and Trevor were able to keep the score ticking. Cosmos won with 2 wickets remaining. Thank-you to the scorer Karran. Umpires Keith Tipples and Karl (Blue Moon) Jaikaransingh. The Mini BBQ at Nigel’s was a great success, - thanks to Allison and Nigel for hosting this annual event! I would like to report that the Bragging Bat was handed to the victorious Captain Monty Sharma by the Taverners Captain Dr. Hein Peters – UNFORTUNATELY – the Bragging Bat seems to have gone missing. Various bars and taverns around Winnipeg have been visited in search of this iconic trophy with over 7 years of history. Rewards have been offered – skulduggery is suspected – The question remains – If there is no bat, is it really the Braggin Bat Match? This is another Cricket mystery that may one day be solved. The Bragging Bat Record Cosmos 8 – Taverners 6 February 18, 2009 – Cosmos August 12, 2009 – Taverners February 24, 2010 – Cosmos June 30, 2010 – Cosmos February 16, 2011 – Taverners July 6, 2011 – Cosmos Mar 22, 2012 – Taverners June 27, 2013 – Taverners April 3, 2013 – Taverners June 19, 2013 – Cosmos March 19, 2014 – Cosmos June 25, 2014 – Taverners April 1, 2015 – Cosmos June 24, 2015 - Cosmos
Sunday, June 14 - Cosmos vs Manitoba Eagles - Assiniboine Center Cosmos Defeated Manitoba Eagles by 104 runs. Cosmos posted a target of 258 runs with Vasu Shah scoring 104 from 136 balls, batting for 191 minutes. Sunny Matharu came in at #5 and scored 68 from 62 balls, including five 6s and three 4s. Manitoba Eagles never achieved the rate required and wickets flowed steadily. Raza Ali (2 for 26) and Trevor Manoosingh (2 for 16) each bowled stiff 10 overs spells that kept the scoring rate at a minimum. Sri Vijayan followed with 2 for 31 from 7.3 overs and Rishabh Jain finished with 3 for 26 from 6 overs. Overall our fielding was spectacular with Maninder, Sri and Moaaz making tough catches look easy. During the innnings break we were honoured to have some previous Cosmos players join the team for a picture. Chatterpaul Bhowani, Gary Deonaraine and Courtney Sookermanny were present as the team took to the field. Vasu Shah was deserving of the Man of the Match for his century and great wicket keeping. Thanks to Maninder who provided lunch and the Bhowani Family for post game dinner. Sunday, June 14 - Cosmos KingZ vs Crescent Stars - Assiniboine North Cosmos KingZ still struggling to find that first win. Bowled and Fielded brilliantly to hold Crescent Stars to a low total of only 115runs. Our batting however struggled and the team was rattled out for 93runs. Still 7 matches to go, so a bounce back is imminent and the boys will continue to work towards that win. Each of our 5 bowlers took 2 wickets each: Milan, Pratik, Manoj, Kavish and Anang. Thanks Milan and Ritesh for providing Lunch for the team. Saturday, June 13 - Cosmos Lancers vs Brandon Tigers - Elwick Dissapointing day for our Cosmos Lancers losing to Brandon Tigers by 137 runs, chasing a huge target of 308. Some positives from the lower order batting by Hakes, Konoth and Chandar. Chance for redemption only 1 week away. Thanks David Hakes for providing lunch for the team.
April 18, 2015 During our off season members of Cosmos Sport Club spend time giving back to the community by volunteering at Siloam Mission (  Siloam Mission is a connection point between the compassionate and Winnipeg's less fortunate.  Members of Cosmos collectively volunteered 130 hours between October 2014 - April 2015.  We volunteered in the kitchen doing food preparation and served lunch to over 400 people within a 1 hour period.  We also volunteered in the donation sorting area where we combed through hundreds of bags of clothing to find items suitable for the mission. This is truly in the spirit of caring and giving back to the community that we live in.  We will be returning to the Siloam Mission during our off-season starting in October 2016. Visit our Shutterfly site for pictures of our time at Siloam:
At the Cosmos Sports Club annual general meeting on January 31, 2015 we saw a changing of the guards as each of our three teams will be lead by new Captains for the 2015 season. Cosmos - Premier Division Captain - Monty Sharma Vice Captain - Trevor Manoosingh Cosmos KingZ - Division 1 Captain - Pratik Patel Vice Captain - Ratish Patel Cosmos Lancers - Divsion 2 Captain - Nilay Shah Vice Captain - Sudharshan Rudderajju Congratulations to this fantastic list of people who will lead Cosmos to success in 2015.
DAMIAN LEWIS MILLS JULY 15, 1979 - NOVEMBER 17, 2003 We journey on, but pause along the highway, To feed our souls and open up our hearts. Both joy and pain compete for our attention. One soothes us, til the other one departs. Our memories bring a little taste of heaven, That comforts us and holds us when we grieve. You walk with us and let us know you love us. You could not stay. We know you had to leave. One day we will arrive where you are waiting, And leave behind this world of disarray, Rejoicing that our traveling days are over, As all our tears and longing fade away. Another year without you, another year closer to seeing you again. Always missed and loved so dearly. Mum, Dad, Cressida, Eleanor and family.
Last Sunday, October 25, Cosmos members contributed their time to help the less fortunate volunteering at the Siloam Mission (  It was way for the club to give back to the community and at the same time  an educational experience.  Our group was exposed to the challenges that many people right here in Winnipeg faces on a daily basis. Collectively our group contributed 20 hours of time. Here is what our members had to say about their experience: "I realized not to take thing for granted. It was a great experience and a good way to bond with our teammates." "The coordinator made it clear that the mission keeps going because of the time that volunteer commits, it made me proud to be there with my fellow Cosmos members to put in a little time, but to make a big difference to those that are down on their luck" "Siloam Mission was a humbling experience.  It gives an opportunity to give back to the community so that others can get a chance to make their dreams a reality" "I wanted to give back to the community and this was a great way to do it" "It was a moment for me to reflect back on all the blessings that I have. It was also an opportunity to bond with my teammates but more importantly it was an opportunity to help the people in need in our community. It was a chance to make a difference." "It was an immense pleasure to work as a volunteer and make a little difference. The way the Siloam Mission works is just great and it did really made me realize their need in Winnipeg City and how they need us too. It'll be great if more of us step out and work of making a bigger difference, Siloam Mission needs us and our city needs Siloam Mission. I'm looking forward to this and us as a club. Let's make it count guys!!!!!" "Most of us have a habit of either complaining or we come across people who complain about their struggles related to jobs, relationships etc. on a daily basis. Volunteering at Siloam Mission made me realize how naive we as human beings can be. I have always thought that these places are usually crowded, dirty and smelly but it was an eye opener for me. It was indeed crowded but I think this place is cleaner than a temple, and smells like LIFE! People working there are very enthusiastic and it is unimaginable how the small kitchen caters to more than 1200 people every day! I highly encourage everyone in this group to experience this place as it will change your perspective about "Struggle" "I always wanted to help with the needy but never got around to it. I am happy that Cosmos cricket club gave me that opportunity. Siloam Mission was an eye opener for me. It made me realize that material things mean nothing in this world. There are so many unfortunate people in this world that doesn’t even have the basic necessity of things to survive (food, clothes and a bed to sleep). I am so happy that I can make a difference and to take a few hours of my time to help in this mission. I hope that the rest of the Cosmos members do the same."